… Temporarily Insane?

Often “Love” is not really love, but instead  Temporary Insanity

When the emotional parts of the brain take over, rational thinking can be compromised. While in this muddled state, the person loses the ability to think and act rationally. This is not the right state of mind for making profoundly important decisions (such as marriage or do I stay in this long term relationship.) Temporary insanity is at its worst in the earlier stages of relationships.


A cure for temporary insanity: Temporary Separation

If he/she is an ideal mate, is really your best friend, and would make a good spouse, then break up for a few months or half a year. Completely cut communication with each other during this time and date others.  If your attraction and longing for that “special” person does not increase during this separation, then
perhaps that special person is not so special. If you fail this test (for example, both of you can’t go more than a couple a months apart) then perhaps you passed the test???

Creatures of Habit and Resistance to Change

temporary_insanity_button-p145667003121744571en872_216By nature we seek predictability, stability, security and comfort; major disruptions scare us.  Often, long term relationships become stagnant, but nevertheless, one (or both) is hesitant to end the relationship.  It’s much better to leave a long term relationship than enter a questionable marriage. And it is infinitely better to leave a stagnant long term relationship before children enter the scene. Breaking up is hard to do, but often it’s necessary.


Love and the Brain?


Falling in love may feel like a meeting of hearts and minds. But really it’s a kind of temporary insanity driven by hormones. Scientists have discovered that certain parts of the brain become deactivated when we’re in love, including areas linked with negative emotions, planning, critical social assessment, the evaluation of trustworthiness and fear
Biological studies have found that this phase of reduced cognitive function, during which faults are ignored, can last from one to two and a half years. This temporary state of delusion has a vital human function. If we immediately saw all our partner’s faults, we would be less likely to form a stable relationship in which to produce children.

From “What is Exactly Love” from THE INDEPENDENT



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  1. Harry says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, … Temporarily Insane? | Long-term Relationships. Croppable?, thanks for the good read!

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