… A Challenging Relationship Survey


The Quick Survey:  Here are 10 of the 30 questions in the survey.  Just a warmup!

      1. Definitely Not, Strongly Disagree,
      2. NO,  Moderately Disagree
      3. YES,   Somewhat,  Moderately Agree
      4. Very much,  Strongly Agree
  1.  I am happy when I am with him/her. 6854063715_70a8e0541e_z
  2.  He/she is my best friend.
  3.  I often like to be alone with him/her. 
  4. I like to dance intimately with him/her.
  5.  I often feel romantic and passionate towards him/her. 
  6.  When we are apart, I often miss him/her.
  7.  If I went back in time, I would marry him/her again (or start dating him/her again.)
  8.  Time flies when I am talking with him/her. We can talk for hours.
  9.  I am focused on him/her. I am generally not distracted by others of the opposite sex
  10.  I often hug and kiss him/her affectionately, and it happens naturally. 


Ready to try all 30 questions?       Long term relationships     Link to the detailed survey

  • Keeping score is quite optional…. pondering your answers to tough questions is what is important.
  • The survey questions  can easily be printed/saved.
  • Some post-survey discussion with your significant other could be considered…. but tread lightly.
  • Don’t expect really high scores!


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2 Responses to … A Challenging Relationship Survey

  1. croppable says:

    Yes, the questions are very tough, and the results are usually not pretty (low scores)… but the questions must be considered.

  2. crop says:

    This survey strikes at the core of intimacy in relationships. Results can be a bit frightful; it can be used while dating, to monitor your marriage, or to decide to end the relationship before intimacy, marriage and children. It breaks the big picture into manageable parts to think about. Decisions shouldn’t be based on emotion but on the clear reasoning that can purify the emotion. I feel this way because…. What’s in our hearts eventually reaches our mouths, no need to rush… I like the idea of when in a serious relationship, separate without contact for a significant period of time. The results can be amazing! Great survey. Wish they taught this in school.

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