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For this blog, we consider our audience to be primarily readers who are either in long term relationships or who are interested in long term relationships.  Our plan is to provide relevant resources, especially links, regarding long term relationships.

For those married, there are other complexities to consider, beyond the scope of this blog. Married couples are not our intended audience; nevertheless, some parts of this blog are quite relevant to all readers. Often the advice given to those dating, and those married can be very different, especially if children are involved. While I may be quick to encourage those dating, who feel they are in a dead-end relationship, to break up, I would generally not offer the same advice to those married with children.

Professional Help: Therapy, Counselling:  I would encourage any readers struggling with serious relational issues to consider contacting professional help. Bad relationships often lead to depression. Far too many individuals wait too long before seeking professional advice.

Feedback and Involvement:   Your feedback, contributions, ideas, criticisms are all very welcomed.  I am going to build a section for others to contribute articles and summaries. Consider submitting some of your great ideas, quotes, pics, stories, and more.

Contact us by email:  cropablerelationships@gmail.com

      John D.          Phoenix, CO         



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