… Psychology and Monogamy

Monogamy/Relationships: From a Behavioral Perspective


1) Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands   ABC News:   Married 72 years, Norma, 90, and Gordon Yeager, 94, died in the hospital holding hands last week, one hour apart. The couple was hospitalized after a car accident …. and were given a shared room in the ICU where they held hands in adjacent beds.

They worked as a team. They traveled together, they were in a bridge club together and they worked in …. businesses together. “They always did everything together,” Sheets said. “They weren’t apart. They just weren’t.”

smiler-monogamy12) Is Life-long Monogamy Possible?   Huffington Post:  Heather Magee, Lifestyle & Entertainment Blogger “Whether you’re up for an open relationship or prefer one partner, I don’t think we’ll ever really know if human beings were built for monogamy or meant to mate for life. Monogamy, to me, is an ongoing conversation you have with yourself and more importantly, with your partner.”

3) Monogamy: One is Better than Many?  

Warren Beatty Reveals Highest Level Of Sexual Excitement (Huffington Post 2010)

Maybe they grow out of it and realize there’s something beyond one-night stands and serial dating. Warren Beatty was the biggest playboy around, but he seems to have figured it out. In a 2007 story in  The Independent, he said of his 18-year marriage to Annette Bening, “She has a great capacity to be happy, which is a great gift to me and an even greater gift to her children … For me, the highest level of sexual excitement is in a monogamous relationship. I would hate myself if I failed to live up to it.

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