Home: Exploring Long Term Relationships

What is my concept of love?

  1. Should I stay or should I go?  How do I know when it is time to break-up? Do I want to be with this person for the rest of my life?  Is “til death do us part” realistic?
  2. Am I really in love or are these irrational emotions?  How real is the temporary insanity of new romance?  How do we know whether it is true love or just physical passion/lust?
  3. Am I emotionally connected to him/her?  Can you build emotional connection if it is not there?
  4. Is there such a thing as the “right person”?  Can we deeply love only certain people?
  5. How important is right “chemistry,”  sparks (chispas in Spanish), that strong initial passion that sometimes occurs when two first meet.   
  6. What is the ideal: monogamy: one sexual partner,  serial monogamy: one sexual partner at a time,  promiscuity: casual sex frequently with different partners,  or celibacy: no sex? 

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